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Operated by owner Andrew Clark, OnHooks.com has came a long way!  Andrew has had a long history and interest in the automotive field.  It all started out of a garage in West jefferson, Ohio in 2000. Andrew along with some other partners leased a building to work on and service vehicles. They worked out of and utilized, ”The shop” as it was called, until 2004. It was at this time that Andrew’s company went through a huge downsizing, cutting costs and lowering overhead. It was then that “The Shop” had to go and Andrew went his own way.

Working for a union sheet metal company full time while operating a shop, Andrew recognized an opportunity to get into recycling metals. His co-workers would throw away scrap metal into a trash dumpster. Coming across a Chevy s10 pick up for dirt cheap, his dream was born! Andrew organized where the guys could stack the metal scraps on pallets and then he would load them, while the rest of the crews were taking lunch breaks.

It wasn’t easy, Andrew was berated by his peers, called stupid, trash digger, and constantly told that recycling was a waste of his time. But soon, Andrew’s efforts would pay off… by relieving the sheet metal company from the expense of removing the waste. The economic downturn in 2004 put the sheet metal company in jeopardy, and it was forced to lay off many of it’s workers. Andrew chose to take a voluntary layoff to keep a few guys that had mouths to feed working. This time off and away from the daily grind allowed for the birth of a number of Andrew’s entrepreneurial efforts including OnHooks.com.

Andrew’s philosophy has always been; “Make 1 dollar off of a million people, not a million off of one person! Great and  affordable service is their goal. Keeping prices low and fair, and offer a friendly staff.  When their truck shows up to serve you they want you to be happy.  OnHooks.com is a name synonymous with good service
In conclusion I’d like to thank you for reading about our company. I look forward to doing business with you.

Andrew Clark

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